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Located in Ohio City, Rising Star Coffee Roasters does coffee the right way.  They roast to highlight the decisions of the farmers and the producers, to make sure that their personality and hard work comes through in your cup. Their coffees are sweet, lively, bold and clean.

We believe in making an impact on current and future generations and the earth we all share, which is why we source and blend certified Organic and Fair Trade, source from sustainable farmers both locally and internationally, and employ locals including refugees from Rwanda to small batch hand blend and package our teas.


Hartzler Family Dairy currently procures milk from three local dairy farms, all located within 15 miles of our processing plant in Wooster, OH. These farms are Hartz-Way Farm where they currently milk 120 cows, A to Z Farm who is milking 50 cows and Steinline Farm who currently milks 30 cows.

Inca Tea is a privately-held company specializing in exclusive teas derived from an ancient Incan recipe with a 1,000 years of tradition that uses antioxidant-rich purple corn. Its mantra "Welcome To The Good Life" is based on sharing our founder's discoveries with others to create products that enrich peoples' health and promote an active lifestyle, as well as respects the environment with eco-friendly packaging all the while giving back in a socially conscious way.


Smartfruit offers 100% Real Fruit products, mixed with highly functional superfoods that deliver all the essential nutrition that nature intended.

Smartfruit thinks fruit is perfectly wonderful on its own. Simply enhanced 100% natural fruit purées with powerful and functional superfoods to deliver the essential daily nutrition to customers needing to sustain a smart and healthy lifestyle. Just like nature intended. No phonetically challenging ingredients, artificial flavors, colors, synthetic preservatives, added sugars, and GMO’s.